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CloudCart is looking for a

Senior React developer


–ěne of Europe's leading eCommerce platforms - CloudCart is growing.

You will be responsible for developing, coding and modifying web-based application, from layout to function, and per specifications. In addition, you will be developing new and maintaining existing internal tools, frameworks, and other novel technical innovations.

Your work will immediately impact our application stack, driving the customer experience from the first impression through the sales transaction. Ideally, you will be self-motivated and self-guided with the ability to estimate work, hit deadlines and thrive in a fast-paced environment with constant changes.

Tech stack knowledge:

  • React
  • MobX / Redux
  • webpack / babel
  • ECMAScript 6+
  • React Router
  • Axios/fetch
  • lodash
  • prettier
  • Typescript
  • Styled components
  • Jest
  • Apollo graphql client
  • git

What we expect from you (Required):

  • Minimum 3 years of front-end experience
  • Highly motivated and responsible
  • Extensive React experience in building PWAs and SPAs.
  • Experience with different programming approaches - prototypal, functional, OO.
  • Experience with CSS3 and HTML5 - flexbox, atomic design
  • Knowledge of at least one of the mainstream css frameworks - Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma.
  • Basic design skills - (Photoshop, Figma, Adobe XD)
  • Experience in integration with RESTful web services
  • jQuery knowledge
  • Responsive design experience, mobile-first approach

What we can offer You:

  • Working on an international project that aims to be the leader in eCommerce
  • Pleasant work atmosphere in a young team of fresh people
  • The opportunity to grow and have access to professionals from all around the world
  • Competitive salary with full insurance
  • Fixed office hours: Monday - Friday / 9:00 - 18:00

Optional skills & knowledge (preferred):

  • websockets

  • GraphQL (Apollo)

  • Template engines - Smarty, Liquid, Blade

  • Vue.js

  • Server side rendering (Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby)

  • Experience in large-scale development, preferably for an eCommerce platform

  • Familiarity with agile development - Scrum, Kanban

  • English proficiency - B2 and above

Apply for this position with your CV and/or LinkedIn to email:

About Us

The US-registered company “CloudCart LLC” via its R&D team in Bulgaria is developing a new globally-targeted SaaS project in the eCommerce field bearing the same moniker as the brand - “CloudCart”. The idea of CloudCart is to be a professional high-end solution for the creation and nurturing of online stores, which will be used by non-professional merchants, wishing to start and grow their online business.

CloudCart’s main goal is to improve and facilitate the process of running online stores by actually helping online merchants to focus on what they do best: creating, sourcing, and selling their products and services online. Our main strategy to achieve this goal is to provide SMBs with all the necessary tools needed for running a successful online business and support them along the way - from first online sale to full eCommerce scale.

The company’s target is to develop a successful internationally-acclaimed business model at the local level - country by country. For every strategic market in which the company will enter, there will be a native support team, localization of the platform in the native language, and local 3rd-party partners for all the additional services needed - from logistics, through payments, to photographers, etc. ensuring a smoothly-operating 360-degree eCommerce ecosystem.

Our team is formed by highly-dedicated & experienced professionals who share two important skills: a passion for problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence in the details. Their vast 15 years of experience with customers from all walks of life, gives this team the forward vision based on which the company evolves its online platform CloudCart.

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If you want to work in this highly-motivated team and be part of the online platform of the future,
then please do not hesitate to get in touch along with your CV and/or LinkedIn to email:

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