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CloudCart is the right place if you would like to become better in your expert field and grow further professionally by working
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We are currently looking for:

eCommerce Expert

Our client base is ever-growing, and we are looking for a passionate and proactive expert with proven experience in customer relationship management.


We are looking for a talented HR Assistant. If you are an experienced Recruiter on the lookout for a fresh permanent opportunity, we want to hear from you. The position is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 


Senior Front-End Developer

We are looking for a Senior Front-End Developer to work in our Sofia based development team and help us build the best looking online platform of the future together.

About Us

The US-registered company “CloudCart LLC” via its R&D team in Bulgaria is developing a new globally-targeted SaaS project in the eCommerce field bearing the same moniker as the brand - “CloudCart”. The idea of CloudCart is to be a professional high-end solution for the creation and nurturing of online stores, which will be used by non-professional merchants, wishing to start and grow their online business.

CloudCart’s main goal is to improve and facilitate the process of running online stores by actually helping online merchants to focus on what they do best: creating, sourcing, and selling their products and services online. Our main strategy to achieve this goal is to provide SMBs with all the necessary tools needed for running a successful online business and support them along the way - from first online sale to full eCommerce scale.

The company’s target is to develop a successful internationally-acclaimed business model at the local level - country by country. For every strategic market in which the company will enter, there will be a native support team, localization of the platform in the native language, and local 3rd-party partners for all the additional services needed - from logistics, through payments, to photographers, etc. ensuring a smoothly-operating 360-degree eCommerce ecosystem.

Our team is formed by highly-dedicated & experienced professionals who share two important skills: a passion for problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence in the details. Their vast 15 years of experience with customers from all walks of life, gives this team the forward vision based on which the company evolves its online platform CloudCart.

If you want to work in this highly-motivated team and be part of the online platform of the future,
then please do not hesitate to get in touch along with your CV and/or LinkedIn to email:

25,000 Online Stores

Since 2016 we managed to onboard more than 35,000 stores worldwide. Our goal for 2021 is to double this number! Let’s do this together!

Worldwide Focus

We are looking for smart, passionate & hard-working people who want to conquer the future & leave their digital footprint in the eCommerce World!

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